Why Fuji Nutrition

ACV Drops Vs ACV Gummies

It is always better to consume apple cider vinegar (ACV) in liquid form than in any other solid form e.g. gummies. Not that it is harmful if taken in gummies form as long as you take it in the prescribed proportion but you need to watch out for the sugar content in gummies. It is obvious that ACV in formats other than liquid was developed as a response to the Western customers' demand for convenience since they are not used to consuming any vinegar directly.

Drinking ACV for good health and 'internal balance' is a Japanese tradition dating back to the country's ancient history. Today it is a well-appreciated nutraceutical but that doesn't mean it will deliver the same value if taken in solid or semi-solid forms.

Fuji Nutrition

Fuji Nutrition is a unique ACV series developed specifically to suit the Western taste that is not used to consuming ACV directly. Therefore, it has been developed with three distinct fruit flavors to not just make it easy to drink it but also enjoy its taste. Hence, Fuji Nutrition offers its ACV in apple, strawnana and mixed berry flavors.

The advantages of drinking ACV are well-known and in the time-tested Japanese tradition it is known to create 'internal balance' which means it is good for the heart, gut and the overall immune system.

ACV Drops

This is a unique ACV format that delivers the true value of the product. The tincture makes it easy to measure your daily dose while the fruit flavors make it enjoyable. The whole objective of providing the ACV in tincture format is to ensure that you take it in liquid format - the way it will provide you the maximum benefit.


ACV Gummies

This product was developed with the sole purpose of making it convenient for customers to consume it since they found it difficult to drink the ACV directly. Very little is known about the benefits of taking ACV in gummies format since the bulk of research has been on the advantages of drinking it. The other problem with gummies is the amount of sugar they contain; it’s difficult to see how that can be good for your wellness.

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